Welcome to Arkwright Online Portal

If you are not aware of the Arkwright Scholarships scheme you can find out all about us at www.arkwright.org.uk .

Use this portal if you are:
  • A 15/16 year old student applying for a new Scholarship.
  • An existing Arkwright Scholar who wishes to complete their first year progress report.
  • A teacher nominating new students for the coming year’s Scholarships.
  • A teacher reporting on your Scholars as they complete their first year.
  • A teacher reporting on your spend for the academic year.
To gain access to the application and reporting area:
  • As a teacher, your school must be affiliated to the Arkwright Scholarships Trust.
  • As a student, you must either be:
    • An existing Arkwright Engineering Scholar, or
    • A new student who has been recommended to apply for an Arkwright Engineering Scholarship by the teacher responsible for Arkwright at your school.
      When a student is recommended to submit an application he/she will be sent an email containing login details. Applicants must login and complete their applications by 12:00 noon on Monday 22nd January 2018*.  Their teachers must then endorse and submit all applications by 12:30 PM on Thursday 25th January 2018.

      *If your teacher has given you earlier deadlines you must adhere to the deadlines provided by your teacher. The Arkwright Scholarships Trust is not responsible for monitoring schools’ deadlines.
Use your login details, provided by email, to access the Teacher or Student/Scholar Areas.

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